Plasma turret – Part 1

I am currently working on 3d assets. In this post, I present the plasma turret I am working on. I plan to make more weaponry and then reuse those models on different ships. For this one, I wanted to make something that looks resilient and bulky. it is a plasma turret. The first picture here under shows the three different objects. As you see, I am trying to keep things as simple as possible here. My idea is to allow, later on, to add some animation. That way I can animate each piece independently, allowing the turret to rotate on its axis and have an animation for the recoil when the guns will fire.

turret_blender_color Turret_gun_blender

It is still a learning experience for me and I am not totally familiar with Blender. I am probably making mistakes but it is the only way for me to keep going. As for now, the most important modelling tools that I have been using are the following:

  • The extrude command (e)
  • The mirror modifier (for example, there is one instance of this modifier used to replicate the second gun from the first)
  • The smooth and EdgeSplit modifier, along with the “mark sharp” (ctrl+e while having a tool selected)

If you happen to be a beginner with Blender, I strongly recommend you to print this cheat sheet: Blender has a steep learning curve and it is easy to get lost within the interface. Personally, it took me some times to get used to all the shortcuts, but it is definitely needed if you want to get some work done.

The next step for this model is UV mapping. I still have some hesitation whether I should go for a lower poly for the guns, then bake the details on the normal map, or if I should directly map on the detailed model…

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