The Best Quality Control Software for Manufacturing

Getting new customers is indeed a hard task for some businesses. But, controlling, maintaining, and improving the quality of the business and the product are troublesome for the rest. Controlling the quality of the products and the processes in business will spend so much time. Therefore, using quality control software for manufacturing is highly suggested. If you have never heard such software, do not be alarmed. This article will give you an explanation about quality control software and some recommendation of the software to use.

What is Quality Control Software?
Quality control software is a kind of software which will help you controlling and improving the quality and processes of the products. In short, this software will act as your assistant, helping you in controlling your business. In addition, quality control software for manufacturing also helps the manufacturers ensure the quality across the supply chain, from production to distribution.

Using this software will save the time of the person in charge. You do not have to spend your time in doing the paperwork, controlling your employee manually, and so on. Improving your production, distribution, and services will be easier and time-less using this software.

The Quality Control Software Recommendation
As for your recommendation, this article provides you with some choices of software to use.
1. QT9 Quality Management
This software can be used either on-premise on in the cloud. Using the toll will eliminate your paper works and records and replace them with electronic systems. In addition, the system also helps the manufacturers to manage day-to-day work as well as instill full transparency.

2. BlackBelt
BlackBelt Analytics software helps the users to identify the factors which affect products yield. Some key features of the software are compliance and risk management, maintenance management, defect tracking, and supplier quality control.

3. Prodsmart
Prodsmart software is designed for manufacturing industries. It is based on cloud-real-time. It means it can check your production right away and stay update to it.

The Common Features
From those three-software mentioned above, they all have some common features. These features are a basic and standard feature of quality control software for manufacturing.
• Corrective and Preventive Action
The feature will route the correct or preventive action to the right quality manager. In addition, a quality manager can attach documents and files, monitor the status of each action submitted. So, the quality managers do not have to spend their time monitoring the employee manually.
• Audit Management
This feature allows the users to track all audit and documents and help them to manage it.
• Complaint Management
This feature is designed for improving the quality of service. It will record complaints from consumers.
• Employee training management
This feature manages the employee training activities and ensuring the relevant materials and courses for the training.

As the conclusion, quality control software for manufacturing helps the quality manager controlling the quality of their supply chain. It will save time in controlling and managing the business properly. You can also find another quality control software for manufacturing which suits your preference.

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